Serious loss of talents in Chinese women’s football training model deformity: three years of exposure to the net


Chinese women’s football talent loss severe training model deformity: three years of exposure to the net and one year of fishing
Minnan News March 13 Yesterday, the Chinese women’s football coach Hao Wei, who fought in the Algarf Cup in France, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency that the current loss of Chinese women’s football talents is severe, coupled with the deformity of the training model and the difficulties of isolation of the physical education system.The height is very serious, and the support for women’s football needs to be increased.  In the 1990s, the Chinese women’s football team won the Olympic silver medal and the World Cup runner-up.Today, they can only rank 18th behind Japan, North Korea and South Korea.Hao Wei believes that the biggest problem facing women’s football is the serious brain drain.It is reported that the current selection range of the national team is limited to 15 provincial-level local teams, each team member 20, a total of about 300 people.The average monthly income of female football players is mostly below 5,000 yuan, and some athletes only earn 2000 in local teams or clubs.3000 yuan, some even less than 1,000 yuan.  Hao Wei said: “For women’s football, the investment in some places is uneven, and it is often not supplemented in the first three years. Let you live first, and then make up for it in the last year. Football is a very comprehensive project.In the year of fishing, many talents will be abolished.There is no one to train women soccer players before the National Games, not even these 300 people.”Hao Wei suggested that the current separation wall between the sports and education systems should be broken through as soon as possible: “Football must first enter the campus to let the children get the joy of football, which is to cultivate interest.When you are interested in elementary school and junior high school, those who have the potential to get a deeper professional education will only be sent to the professional team from the university.In this way, there is no delay in learning, and second, there is no delay in training, and there are other ways to retire.”