The 2015 NBA Finals fourth quarter situation: Zhan Huang injured Warriors must win the law _1


2015 NBA Finals fourth quarter second quarter situation: Zhan Huang injured Warriors must win the law
The Cavaliers ushered in the fourth game with the Warriors Finals at home. The Cavaliers who were behind in the first quarter continued to be suppressed by the Warriors in the second quarter. James hit the camera after being violated by Bogut, causing head injuries and bleeding; the Warriors once in the middle of the second quarterLeading by 15 points, this season the Warriors built a 15-point advantage to maintain the victory; the Warriors led 54-42 at halftime.With 42 points in the half, the Cavaliers set the lowest score in the playoffs.James scored 10 points on 4-of-12 shooting and Curry scored 8 points on 3-of-9 shooting.After James fell, the small lineup adopted by the Warriors played a 22-6 shock wave in the first quarter, and the Warriors led the first quarter 31-24.This is the first time for the Warriors to lead at the end of the first quarter.At the end of the first quarter, Curry shoved Delaware in physical contact, further reflecting the warriors’ fighting mentality in this battle.  James and Curry were both off the court before the second quarter.The Cavaliers tried to focus on the inside, but the face of the Warriors’ tough defensive offense was not ideal. Mozgov’s several near-basket attempts were missed, but he scored 2 points by making up the basket.After Klay Thompson scored a 3-pointer, the Warriors built a double-digit advantage 38-28.  James returned early and jumped into the ball quickly.The inspired knights were successively sent caps by Champert and Tristan Thompson.However, the Cavaliers’ offensive feel was not recovered. JR Smith, Della and Chambert missed consecutive long shots. James also missed a long shot against Curry’s single defense.In the first half of the second quarter, the Cavaliers missed 5 of their 3-pointers.The Warriors continue to show their ability to shoot. Green shoots into the long shot and leads the Warriors 44-32.Leading by 12 points, this is the biggest lead for the Warriors in this final.  When there were 4 minutes and 43 seconds left in the second quarter, an unexpected situation occurred on the court-James was overturned by Bogut when he was rushing along the bottom line. James, who lost his center of gravity, hit the sideline camera and immediately covered his head.Pained to the ground.After covering the towel, the blood on the top of James’s head had penetrated the thick towel.Bogut was convicted of an ordinary foul.James quickly stopped bleeding and made 1 free throw.  Two shocking big words appeared above James’ head.Afterwards, Zhan Huang made another scoring and made Bogut foul, but missed 2 free throws.After Klay Thompson and Green scored goals, the Warriors led 48-33.This season, the Warriors have won at least 15 games with a 15-point advantage to maintain victory!  Mozgov personally scored 5 points, but the Warriors’ tough response did not allow the Cavaliers to narrow the point difference to single digits.Before the end of the half, James finally rushed to the basket, Curry then forced Tunder to score points.The Warriors led 54-42 at halftime.(Sky fire)