The decoration of the subway is a healthy mansion decoration, which also contains health care.

The decoration of the subway is a healthy mansion decoration, which also contains health care.

Decoration can also be healthy?

For many people, this is almost impossible.

In fact, as long as the decoration is not the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, do not bring harm to your body, Amitabha.

Even if you are healthy, it is a luxury for decoration!

However, after the healthy and healthy way to rise again after the prosperous and prosperous, the rich people began to spare no expense to build a treasure that can recuperate.

But how to create a mansion that can maintain health is a big problem!

A professional designer of Bolognese has done this analogy: a healthy villa is decorated like a healthy human body and consists of several healthy systems.

The health care method in TCM health care complements these major systems of luxury home decoration.

  Complement: The design system achieves the mastery of the style of the mansion, that is, the supplement of the yuan, the vitality is fundamental to health.

The quality of life in health education lies in the vitality, and the vitality is not the disease. After all, the design system of the mansion decoration, the good design can be followed by decoration and everything is worry-free.

  The design of the first-class luxury home decoration, the overall complete and unified decoration style is the basis of interior design, the role of space conversion of different nature, thus achieving an overall, orderly indoor and outdoor architectural style.

The unique and individualized civilization is precious in today’s society, and its rich content, including unique geographical conditions, cultivation, customs and characteristics of the interior itself, will become the inspiration for the specific design of interior design, thus forming a villa.The complete special cultural quality brings more pleasure and deep enjoyment to people.

  Tong: The hydropower system is full of infinite vitality, that is, through the health, the health care system believes that the meridian is the channel of our life, just like the water circuit system in the decoration of the mansion. Only when the line is healthy and smooth can the mansion be infinitely energetic.

  Are you worried that the quality of the water pipeline will not lead to the replacement of impurities or germs into the water, leading to stones, blood, skin diseases and other diseases?

I suggest you look for new materials.

The German Titan Mach process construction team once launched a thin-walled stainless steel conveying pipeline on a 22-item home improvement environmental protection project. The pipeline lining replaces the special material for medical implants in the human body – silicone rubber, which really allows the villa to breathe with life.
  Row: The sewage system defines the health of the mansion, that is, detoxification. Only the elimination of toxins can ensure the normal metabolism of the body. The same is true for such a mansion. A good sewage system can make the mansion more refreshing and refreshing.

  Just like the human body’s “metabolic system”, the “sewage system” of the mansion can bring a refreshing life to the owner.

The central fresh air system is installed on the suspended ceiling, absorbs the external fresh energy, and discharges the indoor dirty air according to the degree of pollution. It can effectively prevent the villa from swelling and not digesting; electric floor heating, insulation heat resistance, magnetic field radiation shielding, inhibiting mold, and intelligently digestingToxins such as mold in the air.

  Tune: The protection system regulates the peace and harmony of the mansion, that is, conditioning, conditioning the body from yin and yang to qi and blood, is the foundation of health, and the adjustment of the indoor temperature and humidity of the mansion is also the focus of luxury residence.

  The key to moisture-proof insulation of luxury houses lies in the top, the ground, the wall, and the three sides.

So how to prevent moisture, cracking, replacement and other issues, Boloni decoration team believes that whether it is the treatment of the ceiling steam layer, or the wall, the ground moisture-proof insulation, anti-cracking system, the Bologne professional construction team transplanting German construction technology canIts unique ultimate.

The 8-layer professional protection system will definitely make the mansion warm and humid, healthy and livable.

  Quiet: The soundproofing system creates a luxurious mansion that is quiet and quiet, that is, the quiet state, the highest realm of Taoism.

How to effectively block the spread of noise, restore privacy and leisurely “quiet” world, ground noise is the key.

  Initially, if the elastic sound-insulating material is stretched horizontally and vertically in the ground, and the attenuating rigid structure is transmitted to the impact sound, will the sound insulation effect be better?

The answer is yes.

Applying such a sound insulation process can effectively reduce the impact sound by more than 20 decibels.

If you are worried that this will increase the ground level, then it does not prevent the attempted composite sound insulation system, and the suspension ratio only needs to be placed horizontally in the ground direction.

The 5mm soundproof pad can achieve the same sound insulation effect, creating a real “quiet” space.

  Interest: Personality space leads the fun of the mansion, that is, the taste, the Qing Dynasty doctor Shi Chengjin believes that the health care provider must pay attention to the taste, so the personalized function space in the mansion that caters to the owner’s interest is naturally essential.

In the book “Health Mirror”, it records the eight great pleasures of the ancients: the pleasure of sitting, the pleasure of reading, the joy of enjoying flowers, the joy of playing the moon, the pleasure of watching pictures, the music of birds, the joy of music, highLying in the music, I believe that there are 8 music in life, which is bound to be beneficial to health and longevity.

Looking back to the present day, modern people’s entertainment has incorporated more modern technology.

Real health home, cigar room, wine cellar, gym, spa, audio-visual room, terrace, courtyard. nature can not be less.

The cigar room with good ventilation function, the wine cellar with excellent function, the gym with complete equipment, the audio-visual room with good sound and sound insulation effect. The design of functional room should be scientific, cultural, practical and artistic.In essence, the real estate is truly interesting, functional, and personalized, and the robes will be artistic.

  To truly experience the health of the mansion decoration, Boloni’s overall home improvement began at 2 pm on July 10, and Shanda presented the theme of “Mansion Design and Classical Salute”.

By then, the design and craftsmanship of the luxury home will be perfectly presented.

Now book 0512-62923555 to participate in the event, the scene will have the opportunity to win a surprise decoration spree.More than 4 levels of environmental services, 5 classic homes experience, 40 Titanium Mach top designer team to experience. Experience your dreams of dreams and healthy dreams together.


Change the tablecloth to lose weight

Change the tablecloth to lose weight

This is the way to lose weight this year.

There are fierce, gentle, stupid.

This now actually says that changing the color of the tablecloth can lose weight. Is it psychological comfort or is it true?

  Having a slim figure is the dream of every woman, but it’s not easy to do hungry and exercise. The following four moves are carried out “unconsciously” without deliberateDieting and long-term exercise, losing weight is easy!

  The first type: change the table layout to reduce appetite to lose weight, it is best to avoid eating in the beautiful table.

Switching to gray, earthy, brown and other colors, it is best to produce a psychological feeling that does not promote appetite.

  However, when switching to a diet meal, it is necessary to change the strategy.

Because the diet is so monotonous, if you can’t eat it, why not waste it?

Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to use a warm color arrangement to make your appetite wide open, complete the task, fill the stomach, and no longer have room to accommodate other omnivores.

  The second type: chewing, do not eat when you are full!

Eat too much.

“This is the annoyance of many dieters after a meal.”

Do you know why you repeat the same mistake every day?

It turns out that there are two signs of fullness: 1 the stomach feels full and 2 the blood glucose level rises – after a meal, the glucose of the food is absorbed by the blood, and the blood glucose concentration increases. When this signal reaches the brain,It will give you a feeling of fullness.

  The problem is: the size of the stomach is freely accommodating. If the “full” signal it sends is ignored, it will open the door and let you continue to eat – until the glucose signal in the blood is emitted.

Only when you eat slowly, can you slow down the signal of the stomach, and synchronize with the blood glucose signal, you will naturally know enough.

  The third type: pre-dinner meal vow not “wine” drinking will be fat, so it is not from the wine itself.

For example, beer, 633cc large bottle produces about 247 calories, not very high, probably only a cup of soda, half a bowl of noodles.

Then why the beer will produce the “beer belly” and the original fattening “to be guilty” is: 1 the wine side dish 2 the appetite catalyzed by alcohol 3 weak willpower (or weight loss determination) due to alcohol.

  The fourth type: keep away from the dessert candy. Although the nutrition community is recognized, it is the fate of fat, but in fact, the dessert is also suspect.

Because most of the sugar itself contains “short-head denaturation”, that is, the conversion is much, the nutrients are almost zero, and the dessert is often rich in a lot of butter, cream, chocolate and other ingredients.

Therefore, after the meal, a dessert, definitely risking fattening.

  The secret of successful weight loss is: perseverance + no specific medicine + can not rely on unilateral (such as relying on certain sports, completely do not change the habits).

Non-famous ancient towns are the first to see the original charm

Non-famous ancient towns are the first to see the original charm

When I mentioned the ancient town, many people naturally thought of the ancient city like Phoenix, Zhouzhuang, Xitang and Lijiang, but they may not know that there are more quaint and dexterous lamps, Anchang, Shuhe, etc. in the surrounding area. Although there are not many tourists,Still retaining the charm of the ancient town style.

  A collection of thousands of poems in Huang Yao, Guangxi. “The ancient poems of Huang Yao, like the same millennium, are forgotten in the quiet bookshelves of the library. When someone walks inadvertently, open this beautiful chapter, the simple and elegant style immediately.Conquered the heart of the people.

“This is the most beautiful description of Huang Yao on the Internet. Because of this “poetry collection”, I have conquered many people who have been to Huang Yao.

Huang Yao, Guangxi: A thousand-year-old collection of poems Huang Yao is quiet, walking in the ancient town at night, so quiet that some people can only hear their own heartbeat.

The blue river is rippling, the lonely and long streets, the courtyard where the ancient charm still exists.

In the stone streets of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people can’t feel the passage of time.

Although many old shops are vacant, the color of the plaque and the threshold are no longer vivid, but they are still faintly aware of the old bustle and bustling.

  There are 11 ancestral temples in the ancient town, and the fractures witness the long history of the ancient town.

“Xianren Gujing” is divided into three parts: mixing, washing vegetables and washing. Every morning, there are many women who use water, which is very lively.

The ancient stage is a big attraction here. On the third day of the third lunar month, the ancient stage sings a big show to become the festival of the ancient town.

The most impressive thing is that ancient trees can be seen everywhere in the village. The ancient trees of thousands of years have been quietly watching this ancient town of Millennium, waiting for the people of Huangyao Ancient Town.

  Tip: Huangyao Ancient Town is located in Zhaoping County, Guangxi Province, in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River in Guilin, 200 kilometers from Guilin.

To Huang Yao, Guilin, Hezhou, two cities to transfer.

Guilin-Huang Yao’s shuttle bus will take a trip. Departure from Huang Yao at 8:10 in the morning and return from Guilin at 13:10 via Yangshuo.

  Hezhou to Huang Yao can go from eight steps to Zhongshan, the distance is 40 kilometers, the car line is about 50 minutes, the fare is 10 yuan, and then take the shuttle from Zhongshan to Gongqiao, after the same ancient land, arrive at GongqiaoThe first 6 kilometers is Huang Yao, which is 50 kilometers away. This road is better.

  Huang Yao is rich in soybean meal, Huang Jing, sour plum and so on.

Huang Yao Cardamom was listed as a royal tribute in the Qing Dynasty and exported to Southeast Asia in the Republic of China.

The bean curd banquet is a major feature of Huang Yao and must be tasted.

  Yunnan Shuhe is more authentic than the Lijiang River. You are longing for Lijiang, but you may not know Shuhe.

  When you open the history and look for the traces of Lijiang, you find that there is Shuhe in front of Lijiang. When the backpackers are disappointed in Lijiang’s hustle and want to find a quiet place, everyone also looks for the Shuhe River above Lijiang.
The ancient town of Shuhe, which is more authentic than the Lijiang River, is an ancient town that is more “original” than the Lijiang Dayan Ancient City. It is one of the first settlements of the Naxi farmers in the Lijiang dam, and it is also the “tea-horse road”.On the well-preserved important market towns, the slate on the surface of the street that has been trampled by people and horses seems to be able to see the prosperity of the past.

Shops around the square, the old wooden boards are painted dark red.

  The center of Shuhe is also called Sifang Street, surrounded by shops.

Most of the layout of the Shuhe residential houses is “the family sees the small bridge, and the households have running water.”

Perhaps it is closer to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The stream flowing in front of the house is more pure. The bunch of water plants floats halfway in the opposite stream, and the waves are pulsating and fascinating.

  Often there are people on the waterside bridge, the distinctive bars and restaurants.

Put aside the worldly troubles, enjoy the slanting sun, open your heart and let the wind caress, and sip a mellow Pu’er tea.

Inadvertently, the old love songs of the melodious music will drift into your heart from time to time.

  Tip: Shuhe Ancient Town is located 4 kilometers north of Lijiang City in Yunnan Province. Follow the wide asphalt road to the direction of Yulong Snow Mountain. Turn left under the direction of the street sign and move forward for 2 kilometers. The building of Shuhe Ancient Town can be seen.

  Shuhe Ancient Town is located in the south of Yulong Snow Mountain. It is endowed with unique natural resources and has produced countless foods.

Chickpea jelly, Lijiang glutinous rice, ice powder chilly are worth a try.

  Shopping in Shuhe is also cheaper than the ancient city of Lijiang. In addition to tie-dyeing, woodcarving, and other souvenirs on the market, rare local specialties, homespun, alcohol, Naxi, a cloth, mural, eastBa art souvenirs, etc.

  Jiangsu Qiandeng is here the biggest pawn shop in the south of the Yangtze River?

Is it true that the romantic Millennium Light is lit up in the ancient town?

How brilliant this is.

This is not the case.

“Qian Deng” was originally called “Qiandun”. It used to have 999 mounds on the banks of Wusong River. The 1000th mound is in the south of Kunshan. It is now the location of the ancient town, so it is called “Qiandun”. Later, it may be because it is in Jiangnan.The accent is in the same tone as the lamp, and the name of the town becomes a “thousand lamp”, but such a misreading has a charm.

Jiangsu Qiandeng has the largest pawn shop in Jiangnan in the past, which can appreciate the wealth of the ancient town of Fuzhen.The center of Shiban Street is the former residence of Gu Jian, the founder of Kunqu Opera. It is a pleasure to sit down and enjoy the original Kunqu and Pingtan.

In the Thousand Lights Museum of more than a thousand lights, as far as the Neolithic lamps are split, you can understand the history of human lighting.

At the end of Shiban Street is the former residence of Gu Yanwu, the great thinker who proposed “the world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible.”

  Thousands of lights, so that you can reflect the prosperity and style of such a “first town in southern Fujian” from the deep and elegant buildings of many courtyards, which is completely different from the ancient towns that have passed before.

The most exciting thing for photographers is the thousand lights.

5 km of stone street, thousands of lights do not produce stones, stones are shipped from a distance, so each piece is expensive.

A stone street, so it has been a string of more than 2,500 years of history.

  Tip: Qiandeng is located 15 kilometers southeast of Kunshan City, 35 kilometers east of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 30 kilometers west of Suzhou city center, take bus No. 107 and 2 from Kunshan Railway Station to the bus station, take the CMB to QiandengAvailable.

The Qiandeng Pass is 60 yuan, and you can watch more than 10 scenic spots such as the Qiandeng Museum and Gu Yanwu’s former residence.

  The Jinxi Folk Museum of Jiangsu Province has enriched the cultural heritage of the 2000 culture for many years in 2000. It allows Jinxi people to accurately commercialize the taste of the culture, and combines each situation to make the cascading ancient towns from landscape to culture.A rare atmosphere in the Jiangnan water town.

The atmosphere of Jinxi Jinxi in Jiangsu Province first lies in the location of Dianshan Lake in the east and Chenghu Lake in the west.

As soon as I arrived at the archway of Jinxi, I saw it on the wide water surface. The magnificent ancient lotus bridge flew over the surface of the lake and became the first business card of Jinxi.

On a sunny day, take a boat ride on the lake, look at the lake and mountains, listen to the boat’s beautiful Jiangnan minor, leave the lake and turn into the narrow river – a familiar water town!

Walking in Jinxi’s small street along the river, although there are many shops on both sides, there is no noisy business to attract business.

  Jinxi is also the hometown of folk museums. It has 14 private museums, ceramics, paintings, sculptures and other collections. It reflects the cultural history of Jinxi for more than 2,000 years. If you want to go all over, you have to spend a whole.The time of day.

  Tip: The bus from Jinan Bus Station in Jiangsu can be connected to Jinxi. The fare is 6 yuan, which is about 40 minutes.

Tickets for Jinxi Ancient Town are 50 yuan. You can take a boat for half an hour in the middle of the lake and the waterway. If you meet a good talking ship, you can also stay in the Chenshui River in the middle of the lake.

Jinxi Private Museum is at 10?
Between 30 yuan.

  Unforgettable, in addition to the oily and attractive hoof, the freshly baked “sock bottom” biscuits, as well as the store’s sincere warm smile.

  Zhejiang Anchang Wu Peng Boat and the hometown of Wu Mao Hat, the ancient town of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, is the representative of the ancient town of Shaoxing, and the hometown of the most characteristic Wu Peng boat and black felt hat in Jiangnan.

Zhejiang Anchang: The long street built by the river along the river in the hometown of Wu Peng and Wu felt hats has a gallery, so that photographers can take pictures while walking.

Looking at the awning boat that floated from time to time along the street waterway, I found that the boatman wearing a felt hat could use his hands and feet to drive the awning boat, and then look at the ancient condensed door and deep squats on the street.The winding alleys will see the black air-dried sausage hanging on the street with salt cream.

Take a deep breath and you will smell the aged yellow wine that has reached the air!

  There is also a street in Shaoxing, the old street of Ming and Qing Dynasties – Cangqiao Straight Street. This is actually a small alley hidden in the street.

The best way to visit this old street is to call a tandem, almost 20 yuan from the street to the end of the street. The driver carries passengers along the road and stops in front of some special buildings to tell the story behind the building.

  Tip: Anchang is only 20 minutes away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

No tickets are required to visit the ancient town of Anchang, but you will need to purchase tickets separately for visiting the Shaoxing Masters Hall, the Anchang Folk Customs Museum and the Anchang Cultural History Museum.

Tonic: porridge is the first supplement in the world

Tonic: porridge is the first supplement in the world

Wang Shixiong, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, called porridge “the first supplement in the world” in his book. “The diet of the rest of the world” said that “the rice has been kept, it is advisable to cook.”

Congee drink is the first thing to make up in the world.”

Li Shizhen, a medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, introduced 62 kinds of porridge in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”.

  The porridge ingredients are flexible, whether it is for good or healthy, it can be changed at any time.

  For example, drink porridge by season, drink “chrysanthemum porridge” in spring, nourish liver and detoxify; drink “mung bean porridge” in summer, heat and cool down; drink “silver ear porridge” in autumn, nourish yin and moisten dryness; winter is suitable for drinking “eight-treasure porridge”, warm stomach and spleen.
  According to health and fitness to drink porridge, insomnia can drink “lily lotus seed porridge” soothe the nerves, the waist and knees are sour, drink “sang sang porridge” kidney and strong bones, maternal can drink “millet brown sugar porridge” nourishing spleen, edema can drink”Red bean lotus leaf porridge” heat and dampness, stool diarrhea can drink “jujube glutinous rice porridge” spleen Qi, urinary disadvantages can drink “barley corn porridge” water oozing, constipation can drink “yam yam sweet potato porridge”Yiqi laxative.

  Using flowers as raw materials to cook porridge, refreshing and refreshing, delicious and refreshing, such as “lily flowers have rice porridge” can clear the heart and soothe the nerves, cough and lungs; “Osmanthus rice porridge” can refresh the spleen, septic debride; “golden silver flower former rice”porridge” can be used for wind-heat cold, throat redness and swelling; “Linghuan Huaren porridge” can promote blood circulation, liver and spleen, suitable for patients with liver tumors.

Rice porridge, rice should be cooked first, porridge is good, then the flowers can be cooked moderately.

End of the health to guard against autumn tiger!

End of the health to guard against “autumn tiger”!

The large-scale rainfall that has recently started all over the country says “a cold autumn rain”. The morning breeze has confirmed the eyes, there is a feeling of autumn, but at noon, it is “returning” to the cool summer. This is the legendary “autumn tiger”.?

The little friends often hear the “autumn tiger”. Do you know what time the “autumn tiger” refers to? It is today!

Today is the end of three volts!

Today’s end = autumn tiger is coming Chinese name: Last undulating time: August 16th – August 25th Interpretation: The first Geng day after the beginning of autumn is commonly called: autumn tiger.

Historical time: It has been more than two thousand years since the end of the day: the end of the morning and the night is cooler, the sun is still the end of the autumn sun, the tiger is burning in July and a half, the August raft is steaming. “Autumn tiger” is quite fierce because of the heatSad, hot disturbed people often show restlessness, confusion at this time, in addition to still need to strengthen the heatstroke prevention and cooling, but also to maintain a happy spirit, comfortable and reasonable arrangement of personal living, to maintain the law of life to ensure proper sleep and rest, to avoidExcessive fatigue improves the resistance of the “autumn tiger” to the end of the replenishment of the end of the life, to the spleen and dampness.

You can eat foods that eliminate damp heat, spleen and stomach, promote the recovery of spleen and stomach function, millet and other functions of spleen and stomach. Lentils, red beans and other beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi.

After the fall of the spleen and stomach, the weather is still hot, and the rain is too hot and hot, and it is hot and humid. At this time, if the spleen hurts in the wet alternate, there will be a diet that does not turn nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and no diet.Frail and other symptoms may also plant roots for cough and asthma attacks!

In the end of the season to protect the spleen and stomach can massage Fenglong, Zusanli, two acupuncture points can be wet, spleen and stomach to supplement the Qi, through the active?
At the end of the Fenglong Cave, the end of the cold is still hot and cold, but it should not be blind and chilly. The air conditioner can be set at 25 °C to 26 °C. It is not suitable for direct blowing, and it is not necessary to continuously enter and exit the air-conditioned room.

Entering outdoor sports with micro-sweat is appropriate, can promote temper transport, improve appetite but not sweating to prevent cold and cold foods to reduce food or cause stomach yang damage!

The end must hold on to the last critical day of this season to keep the last line of defense before the season!

Gu Yu health care, drinking water and morning and evening insulation

Gu Yu health care, drinking water and morning and evening insulation

Yang Hua’s fall is full of rules and regulations.

Today, Gu Yu is the last solar term in spring. After that, the rainfall increased and the temperature rose.

When you are in health, you should also consider the factors of Gu Yu’s solar terms, and selectively adjust the climate characteristics.

  Gu Yusheng, a reader recommended by experts, should praise the employees in the spring, and less criticism to prevent liver qi stagnation. It is still necessary to use the liver-reinforcing Chinese medicine theory to “hepatic wood, hi-bar” and Chun Lingsheng.The yang of the hair corresponds.

Spring is the best time to nourish the liver and protect the liver, and it is also the time of liver disease.

  If you do not pay attention to nursed back to health, liver gas rise too much or liver qi stagnation, are easy to hurt the liver, give birth to many diseases.

Gu Yu is the last solar term in spring. From the perspective of TCM health care, he still relies mainly on liver management.

  Live the liver first to sleep well.

Zhao Shili, a folk dietician, said that the habits of modern people’s yin and yang are particularly serious for the liver. Nowadays, many people’s liver diseases are actually “squeaky”. “People who have spent the night are mostly red eyes. This is the rise of liver fire.symptom.

In the long run, it will definitely hurt the liver.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” records: “The person lies in the liver,” and in the spring should “get up early in the night.”

Modern medical research has confirmed that blood flow into the liver during sleep is seven times higher than that of complications.

The increase in blood flow through the liver is beneficial to enhance the function of liver cells, and to nourish the liver and protect the liver.

At the same time, it can improve the detoxification ability, and accelerate the metabolism of nutrients and the accumulation of toxins accumulated in the body, thus maintaining the stability of the internal environment.

  ”If the rest is too late, the blood does not raise the liver, it shows that the color is not good or even blue, and the damage to the liver and kidney is serious in the long run.

Zhao Shili said.

  The diet is dominated by sweet taste.

Zhao Shili said that spring liver should be sweet and sour in the diet, such as the previous rice, beef and jujube should eat more.

The sour taste has a “convergence” effect, which is not conducive to the growth and evacuation of liver gas.

  Li Shizhen said in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The root heat root temperature is the same, the function is the same, and the blood is spleen and blood.

“Spring to eat some moderately warm leeks, can enhance the function of liver and spleen and stomach by supplementing the body’s yang.

In addition, spring should try to avoid eating greasy, cold, sticky, spicy food, so as not to hurt the liver and spleen.

  Shu Changqing to prevent qi depression.

Zhao Shili said that maintaining an optimistic and open-minded attitude is also essential for the health of the liver.

As the saying goes, “everything is caused by qi”, the main cause of the liver, if there is easy irritability, love temper and other phenomena, are related to liver gas.

If women have long-term liver qi stagnation, symptoms such as irregular menstruation appear.

  ”The wind can be smoothed, the liver is in the wind, and the liver is smooth, and the various systems of the human body can be smooth.

Zhao Shili said.
This requires everyone to learn to improve themselves and control their emotions. They are open-minded. They should be angered if they encounter unpleasant things, and they should be vented in time to prevent liver qi stagnation.

He suggested that leaders, leaders, and appropriate encouragement and encouragement to employees in the spring, less criticism and punishment, to promote a year of luck.

  Zhao Shili recommended two flower teas to everyone: 1.

The scorpion, the appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, brewed into the mixture.

The scorpion tastes sweet and blood, both into the liver and into the kidney, and the chrysanthemum heats up to the fire. If the red dates are better, it can help the liver.


Rose, jasmine, and hazelnut tea are blended.

It is extremely helpful for women with liver qi stagnation caused by weakness, irregular menstruation, and temper tantrums.

  Gu Yu morning and evening insulation and cold prevention Zhao Shili said that the rainy season is the time for the elderly to have a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

At this time, when the spring changes from dry to rainy, it is a transition from spring to summer and many people will not adapt.Especially in the elderly with heart and cerebrovascular diseases, the decline in liver function leads to insufficient liver hair growth, which can easily cause problems such as blood stasis, leading to recurrence of old diseases.

  Anti-cold rainy season, is in the high temperature from the middle to the high turning point, morning and evening temperature difference penetration, should pay attention to increase or decrease clothes, not only to keep warm and to prevent wearing too much sweat and undressing and catching cold.

A cold can aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  The weather is not suitable for going out to play, but patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have to do according to physical strength, and should not be overworked.

  On a seven-point full diet, don’t eat too much, you can get enough.

Otherwise, a lot of blood will flow to the stomach to help digestion, the heart will be reduced, and the liver will be overburdened.

  Zhao Shili recommended a porridge, a dish and a soup: 1.

枸杞 lotus seeds have been rice porridge.

20 grams of medlar, 30 grams of lotus seeds after soaking, the amount of rice before, add water to make porridge.

If you have symptoms of getting angry, you can add a few flowers of chrysanthemums when you are cooked, or use porridge with water.

Have a liver function.



Chinese medicine believes that spinach is sweet and cool, into the intestines, stomach.

There are blood to stop bleeding, benefit the five internal organs, blood circulation, thirst and invigorate the intestines, nourish Yin and calm the liver, help digestion, clear the effect of gastrointestinal heat, and often have a good effect on the adjuvant treatment of liver qi and stomach problems.

For the spring, because of liver yin deficiency caused by high blood pressure, headache, dizziness and anemia have a better therapeutic effect.


White radish beef stew.

Beef is sweet and enters the liver through the stomach.

The lighter the stew, the better. Don’t put MSG, big ingredients, and slick oil when you drink.

Want to gain weight and nourish the stomach is the key

Want to gain weight and nourish the stomach is the key

Many thin people will be accused because the poor absorption of the stomach and the stomach will always lead to fat. In fact, in addition to certain diseases and genetic factors, poor absorption of the stomach is indeed a major factor leading to weight loss.

In fact, most people’s stomachs are in a sub-health state due to the fast-paced life and strong work pressure.

Therefore, it is really important for thin people to gain weight and care for their stomachs!

  Key point 1: The diet is regular. Many people can’t control themselves in the diet. When they are delicious, they will eat a meal. If they don’t taste the taste, they will be hungry. This will easily cause the motility of the stomach. The boots will make the stomach wall.The plexus is hyperactive and promotes the secretion of gastric juice. Over time, gastritis or gastric ulcer will appear.

Therefore, the diet should be regularly quantified, do not overeating.

  People who are suffering from stomach problems should try their best to eat regularly. Can they eat 5 times a day?
6 times, the amount of food intake is small, can relieve the burden of the stomach, avoid excessive expansion of the stomach; the number of meals is large, which helps the stomach to have a small amount of food to neutralize excessive stomach acid in the stomach.

People with serious illnesses should eat soft foods that are rich in nutrients and easy to digest, such as noodles, rice porridge, milk, etc. If you have the conditions, you can eat more honey, because honey has the function of inhibiting gastric acid secretion and promoting ulcer healing.

  Point 2: Maintaining a good mood The health of the stomach has a lot to do with mental factors.

Excessive mental stimulation, such as long-term stress, fear, sadness, depression, etc., can cause dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, promote vagal dysfunction, lead to contraction of vasospasm in the stomach wall, and cause gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Therefore, we must be happy, cheerful, strong-willed, and good at freeing ourselves from breakthroughs.

  Point 3: Pay attention to food hygiene. When eating, be sure to chew slowly, so that the food is fully ground in the mouth and mixed with saliva, which can reduce the burden on the stomach and make the food easier to digest.

In addition, you should try to eat less irritating foods, and you should not drink alcohol or smoke.

Tobacco and alcohol are very harmful to the stomach.

The stimulating effect of nicotine in tobacco on the stomach causes delay in the transfer of gastric contents, and the slenderness causes an increase in gastric acid secretion, which causes gastritis and aggravation of gastric ulcer.

Drinking alcohol, especially on an empty stomach, is only because the alcohol in the wine has a very large stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa. After the stomach is stimulated, there will be contraction expansion, expansion and other movements, which can easily cause stomach bleeding orPerforation of the stomach ulcers, resulting in life-threatening.

Spring nourishing more yam hazelnuts

Spring nourishing more yam hazelnuts

Different diets should be eaten in different seasons.

Professor of Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital recently launched his new book, “Four Seasons Health Diet Banquet”, detailing how to use the diet to nurse the body.

Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that in the current spring, the public should use the medicated diet to nourish according to the characteristics of the Spring Festival.

In order to adapt to the changes in the spring climate, the skin has been turned from loose to loose in winter, and the liver’s functional activities in the five internal organs are also relatively strong, so there is some kind of Chunwang liver.

Spring nourishing medicated diet should pay due attention to this physiological characteristic of the human body, eat less sour food, and eat more sweets.

The spring nourishing medicinal diet is based on Ganping. The medicinal herbs that have a sweet taste or have a liver-clearing effect include yam, wolfberry, coix seed, ganoderma lucidum, lotus seed, and medlar. The ingredients include spinach, mustard, carrot, leeks, rapeseed, and toon.Cabbage and so on.

According to this principle, in the spring health medicinal diet, the public can make delicious shrimps, dried shrimps, white scallops, sauces, kelp, green tea, etc.; the hot dishes that can be homemade are pigeon eggs and prawn.Stir-fried beef tenderloin, ginseng lion head, multi-colored celery silk, wheat winter fried shrimp, fritillary steamed squid, garlic steamed fresh shellfish, white ginseng stewed pigeon, fried tender asparagus, lotus seed soup, can be homemadeThe snacks are sold in three diced dumplings, and the spring rolls of leeks.

Two spoonfuls of vinegar before the meal, blood sugar is not high

Two spoonfuls of vinegar before the meal, blood sugar is not high

For diabetic patients, diet is effective in controlling blood sugar and preventing complications.

A few days ago, the American “Men’s Health” magazine wrote that the following 12
kinds of foods “each with a unique skill” can become a “buster” of diabetes in some aspects.



A Finnish study shows that men who regularly eat apples and eat pepper vegans die 20% less than diabetes.

Other foods with higher levels of pipetrin include onions, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and alternatives.



The American Center for Human Nutrition found that eating a spoonful of cinnamon a day can make the body better convert blood sugar into energy.

After taking cinnamon extract for 40 consecutive days, the blood sugar level of diabetic patients was not so significant after eating, and the heart health status was also significantly improved.


Citrus fruits.

Vitamin C intake in diabetic patients.

Although the vitamin C tablets are supplemented to reduce, but the cholesterol is low in content and sufficient for fiber, it is a better choice.


deep sea fish.

The incidence of hypertension in diabetic patients is twice that of the general population, so eating omega-3 fatty acids, such as Arras, adding salmon, sardines and Pacific fish, can help them reduce necrosis and triglycerides in the body.Level while improving the level of good cholesterol.


High fiber food.

A study by the University of Texas found that if the daily fiber supplementation increased from 24 grams to 50 grams, blood sugar levels would be significantly reduced.

You don’t have to bother to calculate the fiber content of different foods. Remember to eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, coarse rice, whole wheat macaroni, cereal and bread.


Bean pods.

Including chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils, with low content, low content, high fiber and high protein, can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The pods of the pods can slow the rate of glucose entry into the bloodstream and prevent the appearance of blood sugar tips.


green tea.

Studies have shown that chronic sclerosis caused by high fecal foods, supplemented exercise, and low intake of fruits and vegetables can increase the risk of heart disease and affect the body’s ability to use blood sugar.

Green tea, residual flavonoids in orange juice, it is a powerful “anti-inflammatory warrior”.



People who regularly eat nuts have an increased incidence of heart disease, which may be related to the triene metabolizing alcohol contained in nuts.

However, the content of nuts is high, so it is not advisable to eat more. Two tablespoons a day can be sprinkled on cereal, yogurt, vegetables or salad.


Spinach, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables.

It contains lutein, which can prevent eye complications of diabetes.

They are also an important source of fiber, B vitamins, iron, calcium and vitamin C.

dark chocolate.
Tufts University found that dark chocolate can prevent or treat type 2 diabetes to a certain extent.

In addition, it can significantly lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol in the body, and improve vascular function.



Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in beef bran improves blood sugar metabolism and has anti-cancer properties.

In a trial conducted by Norwegian scientists, 180 volunteers received several grams of CLA per day, and their weight lost an average of 9% a year later.


The study found that drinking two spoonfuls of vinegar before a meal can significantly reduce postprandial blood glucose levels.

Nursed back to stomach and duodenal ulcer

Nursed back to stomach and duodenal ulcer

The onset of gastric and duodenal ulcers is related to the digestion of gastric acid and pepsin, so it is called peptic ulcer.

The main clinical symptoms are chronic, progressive and rhythmic upper abdominal pain, which can be manifested as chronic pain, cramps, pain, burning or severe pain.

The pain of gastric ulcer starts more than 1 hour after the meal until the next meal; the pain of duodenal ulcer often appears 3-4 hours after the meal, and continues until the next meal, the meal relieves the pain relief.

The attack is mostly in the early autumn to the early spring of the next year. Mental stress, excessive fatigue, improper diet and certain drugs can induce pain.

Other symptoms include hernia, acid reflux, nausea, and vomiting.

  (1) Dietary Principles 1.

It is advisable to eat soft, digestible foods to avoid large, hard, coarse fiber foods to reduce the mechanical stimulation of the ulcer surface.


A small amount of meals, regular quantitative.

A small amount can reduce gastric acid secretion; multiple meals can supplement the lack of food.

Generally, each meal should not be full, 2/3 of the normal food intake is appropriate, and 4-5 times a day.

Timing quantification plays an important role in maintaining gastric juice secretion and normal physiological functions.


In order to promote the healing of ulcers, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive nutritional supplement, especially for foods supplemented with high protein nutritional value.


The method of frying should be steamed, boiled, stewed, roasted, braised, braised, etc. It is not suitable to use dry fried, deep-fried, salted, slippery and the like.

Avoid too sweet, too salty, excessive and cold food.


Chew slowly.


Enough heat, moderate amount of protein, low fat, rich in vitamin supplements.

  (2) Recipe extraction?

  Breakfast: rice porridge (rice 50 grams) flower roll (50 grams of flour) steamed egg tarts (egg 40 grams) sauce tofu 20 grams) plus meals: milk 300 ml, sugar 10 grams biscuits 25 grams lunch: rice soft rice (rice 100 grams)  Carrot cod fillet (100g of squid, 50g of carrot, 10g of dough) Spinach egg soup (50g of spinach, 40g of egg) Meal: 300ml of soy milk, sugar 10g cake 25g Dinner: rice porridge (rice 50克) hair cake (50 grams of flour) fried mashed potatoes with minced meat (50 grams of pork, 100 grams of potatoes) 25 grams of full-day cooking oil, 10080 kilojoules (2400 kcal).

  (3) Food selection points 1.

Avoid foods that strongly stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, such as coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, broth, chicken soup, sweet food, alcohol, sweet potatoes and other foods; various spices and strong condiments such as MSG, mustard, pepper,Pepper, fennel, pepper, etc. should also be controlled.


Foods containing more crude fiber, such as cornmeal, glutinous rice and other coarse grains, dried soybeans, white peony, bamboo shoots, celery, alfalfa, leeks, soybean sprouts, etc. should be limited.

Hard foods such as bacon, ham, sausage, clam meat, and peanuts should not be eaten.


Raw onions, raw garlic, raw radishes, onions, garlic and other gas-producing foods on ulcer disease.