Cheetah Eto’o freely asks Evergrande for an annual salary of 10 million Euros


“Cheetah” Eto’o freely asks Evergrande for an annual salary of 10 million Euros
International football has heard heavy news yesterday. Eto’o, who is currently playing for Chelsea in the Premier League, is expected to go to the Chinese Super League. The next home is likely to be AFC Champion Guangzhou Evergrande.  Although Eto’o is 33 years old, he has maintained a good state and scored several key goals in Chelsea last season.Dissatisfied with Mourinho’s sarcasm for his age, Eto’o intends to stay in London to switch to Arsenal and go against Chelsea.Of course, Eto’o still hopes to get a better position, so his agent does not rule out the possibility of “Cheetah” playing in other leagues.According to British media, Evergrande had contact with Eto’o, and Eto’oso asked for a salary of nearly 10 million euros.  The report also revealed that the Super League team trying to promote Eto’o is not just a family of Evergrande, Shanghai Greenland also throws an olive branch, and the annual salary is as high as 9 million euros.  In addition, the Turkish brigade Besiktas also sent an offer to Eto’o, but the salary that the club can afford is average.At present, the highest asking price is a club in Qatar, who are willing to provide Eto’o with an annual salary of 11 million euros.  It is worth mentioning that Eto’o is currently a free agent. The introduction of his club does not require payment of transfer fees, which is why he dared to open a high salary.(Reporter Zheng Xiaolong)